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Your success
is our target

With us, the player is in the foreground

We focus on your personal goals. Our task is to support you as a player in your personal sporting and economic development and to represent your interests. We do this responsibly and sustainably - always in a very close coordination process with your family and your individual supervisors. We stand for long-term partnerships with you and want to help you make the right decisions for a healthy athletic career. We are your faithful companion on the way to a professional developement and professional sports. Quality means solid development work and tailor-made solutions for your future - not just for the next year, but for the next 5-10 years. Old-fashioned, but never as important as today! We have the resources to meet the needs of you as our contract player and find the best club on your way. Let us convince you too and give you non-binding and discreet advice. Your well-being is our top priority and you too will be convinced of our quality.

our concept

Advising talents = Creating opportunities

In percentage terms, only a very small proportion of youth players make the leap to the professionals. Understanding and internalizing this is the first step in absolutely the right direction. Our support does not mean a guarantee of success on the way from a young player to a professional contract, but rather holistic all-round advice. That is always our very high standard of quality: to work with the most talented young players and always be able to give 120% performance. This 120% willingness to perform gives us the best possible chances on the way to becoming a solid, self-confident and clever professional athlete.

Our working motto: "hard work beats talent" counts.


Our core competencies

full service

providers for

every athlete

individual performance development

Healthy training schedule

for every athlete

career planning

in line

with the family

Customized transfer support
for our athletes


our formula for success =

solid career planning +

performance-oriented training +

Involvement of the family

our values are based on tolerance, teamwork, critical thinking, politeness, the ability to cooperate and transparent appreciation.

- Gerald Siebert

Players are not products but people with potential and a personal need. Well-being must come first here and needs our special attention.

- Thomas Jansen

Good legal support is indispensable in the sports sector today. The right & legal advice here is essential for success!

- Stephen Hahn

Your segments to success

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Our formation for your success

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