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Care with competence

Advice and the transfer of talent or seasoned professionals should be about more than just the value chain. The development perspective, the respective well-being and the health of the athlete should be in the foreground here. We focus entirely on the positive and healthy development of our athletes. Always in harmony with their families or respective living environment.

Strategic career planning

A well-planned career is like building a house. Without a solid foundation, the entire project could be in danger of collapsing.

For example, contracts with clubs and potential sponsors in the youth field usually do not involve large sums of money. But individual elements of these contracts can have a massive impact on situations and contracts as a result. It is not uncommon for decisions made in the youth field to have repercussions well into the adulthood of our players.


As a consultant for highly talented young athletes, the GoldenBridge Agency is a fresh and serious negotiating partner who takes the interests of our clients into account and reconciles them with the legitimate interests of the clubs.

With competent partners in the field of law and taxes, we ensure that regulations are observed and that the interests of our athletes are always observed.

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Performance-orientated training

Your body can do anything. It's your mind you have to convince. Our mission is to make you the best possible version of yourself. Getting there: Hard and tiring work for both the player and us. Diet, the way to school, structural weaknesses on the body that pose a particular risk of injury. GoldenBridge analyzes every area of life with you and optimizes where there is a need.


Mentally we are also a support. With our experience, we are at your side even in difficult times and help you to emerge stronger from crises.

Nobody, not even the best professional in the world, can always be highly concentrated or always push their limits. The secret is in the right mix and timing. Step by step, millimeter by millimeter, percent by percent, we are getting closer to our goal.

with parents

A partnership between parents and professionals benefits healthy sporting development and is a win for everyone involved.


Parents are the most important people when it comes to a talented athlete's career success. Their advice and experience are irreplaceable. In most cases, their tireless commitment is what got the career of a youth player rolling in the first place. Therefore, trusting cooperation with the parents is very important to GoldenBridge.

An important task in working with parents is to combine the two worlds of the child – sport and family. For the healthy development of children, it is important that mothers, fathers and professionals work together to find out what a child needs, what is good for it and what individual support it needs.

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